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If you are in the business of preparing farmers a successful future, the topic of Animal Agriculture and Climate Change cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Recent weather events, historical averages, or what the media is telling you is not the complete picture. Understanding the issue means more than listening to sound bites and reading the latest headlines.

The Animal Agriculture and Climate Change online certification course provides an in-depth understanding of the relationship between animal agriculture and climate change, both nationally and regionally, right from your office or home. This 12-hour, self-paced course will prepare you to discuss this new topic with your clientele and give you the resources to incorporate it into your existing programming. This course also qualifies for continuing education credits from Certified Crop Advisor (CCA), the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists and many Professional Engineer licensing programs.

Course lessons include:

  1. Climate is Always Changing: Recent Weather Trends
  2. Climate Impacts on Animal Production
  3. Adaptation and Risk Management
  4. Climate Science
  5. Greenhouse Gas Sources and Mitigation Options
  6. Regulations, Policy, and Market Opportunities
  7. Communication Strategies during Controversy


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