More About this Project

This project was supported by Agricultural and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant No. 2011-67003-30206 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

This project was one of three projects funded by USDA in 2011 to conduct research or provide education on the topic of agriculture and climate change. PineMAP provides research, education and extension to forest owners in Southeast US. Sustainable Corn is a research/extension project in the Midwest with the intent of collecting data on crop production methods that retain and enhance soil organic matter and nutrient and carbon stocks, reduce off-field nitrogen losses that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution, better withstand droughts and floods and ensure productivity under different climatic conditions.

Here is our original Project Narrative that discuss the full scope of the project. A press release was also written at the time of project funding which provides a short overview of the project 2011 News_Release_ NE lead Climate change Grant.

To get more information on the people working on the project check out our contact page.