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Dairy Environmental Systems
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formerly Manure Management Program




Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2828
Approximately $20.4 million available through 2015
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NYSERDA Current Funding Opportunities
Technical questions should be directed to the appropriate project managers. The main NYSERDA phone number is toll-free 1-866-NYSERDA or local (518) 862-1090.

National Grid

•  National Grid AgriBusiness Productivity Program - up to $50,000 for an AD Project

The agri business industry is a critical component of the upstate New York economy, both as a direct employer and wealth generator and as a key input to a large number of “downstream” manufacturing industries. The Agri Business Productivity program provides rebates to fund energy efficiency, renewable energy delivery and/or productivity improvements undertaken by dairy businesses, dairy farms and controlled environment agricultural facilities located within the service territory of National Grid New York.


•  National Grid Renewable Energy and Economic Development Program – up to $750,000 for an AD project

This program will fund a limited number of projects in the National Grid service territory that demonstrate alternative generation technologies while producing significant economic development benefits for the region.


•  National Grid Three Phase Power Incentive Program – up to $50,000 per upgrade

The 3-Phase Power Incentive program provides grants of up to $50,000 to help fund the extension of 3-phase electric service to eligible National Grid customers.


USDA Rural Development

This site includes the Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Grant Program

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New York State

Potential Funding Sources for Anaerobic Digesters on New York State Farms (Prepared by the NYS Dept. of Agriculture & Markets, Division of Soil & Water January 2004)

This list provides information on grant and loan programs that may provide funding for the installation of anaerobic digesters, or other similar projects, on farms in New York. The list is intended to provide a starting point for farms interested in implementing digesters. There may be additional funding sources that are not listed here. Since programs change over time, please be sure to contact agencies directly for updated information.