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Dairy Environmental Systems
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formerly Manure Management Program


Document title Author Source/ Logo Date Document type
Inputs for Biogas Economic Assessment Brent Gloy   2008 Economic Analysis
Creating Renewable Energy From Livestock Waste Overcoming Barriers to Adoption Brent Gloy 2008 Research Study
Digester Economics and Financing Brent Gloy 2008 PowerPoint
Labor requirements for Handling Manure Solids on Small Dairies Joseph Harner
Trent Strahm
David Key
James Murphy
  2000 Research Study
Marketing Livestock Manure Rick Koelsch
Keith Glewen
Tom Trewhit
tDan Walters
1999 Research Study
Economic Analysis of Anaerobic Digestion Systems and Financial Incentives
Dolapo Enahoro
Brent Gloy

Provided by NYRPS CST ADG-to-electricity Program
- Economic Analysis