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Dairy Environmental Systems
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formerly Manure Management Program


Document title Author Source/ Logo Date Document type
Biogas Power Generator offers New Revenue to Dairy Farms John Gabriel 2009 News Article

They'll Make Electricity from Manure Alice Hansen   2001 News Article

Electricity from Biogas
D. Augustein
J. Benemann
E. Hughes
Institute for Environmental Management
Electric Power Research Institute
Presented at the 6th National Bioenergy Conference
1994 Paper
Operation and Performance of Biogas-Fueled Cogeneration Systems
R. Pellerin
L. Walker
M. Heisler
G. Farmer
Energy in Agriculture, 6 (1988) 295-310 1988 Journal Article
Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat from Biogas R.K. Koelsch
W.J. Jewell
R.J. Cummings
  1986 Research Study
Performance Evaluation of a Capstone Microturbine and Reciprocating Engine Running on Biogas at a Colorado Hog Farm S. Haase
T. Rooney
E. Lewis
McNeil Tech.
Colo0rado Office of Energy Management
- Paper