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Dairy Environmental Systems
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formerly Manure Management Program


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Greenhouse Gas Emissions From a Community Anaerobic Digester with Mixed Organic Wastes
C. Bentley
C. Gooch
J. Pronto
N. Scott
S. McGlynn

Written for presentation at the 2010 ASABE Annual International Meeting
2010 Paper

Greenhouse Gas (ghg) Emission Reductions Due to Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure
Jennifer Pronto
Curt Gooch
Written for presentation at the 2009 ASABE Annual International Meeting
2009 Paper
The Carbon Footprint of Dairy Production Systems Through Partial Life Cycle Assessment C. A. Rotz
F. Montes
D. S. Chianese
  2009 Research study
Capturing and Destroying Methane from Manure Management Systems
Climate Action Reserve  
Livestock Project Reporting Protocol, Version 2.1
2008 Other
Climate Leaders Greenhouse Gas Inventory Protocol Offset Project Methodology For Managing Manure with Biogas Recovery Systems U.S. EPA Climate Leaders   2008 Other
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Model Rule Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative   2007 Other
Overview of Carbon Trading in Agriculture Jenifer Wightman 2006 Fact Sheet
Carbon Creation in the World of Global Warming Ed Heslop Environmental Credit Corporation 2006 PowerPoint
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Opportunities in the US Fluid Milk Value-Chain - - 2005 Briefing paper
Carbon Credits Economics Manure Methane Destruction Steve Bulkley
Jeni Wightman
- Fact sheet
Introduction to Carbon Trading in Agriculture Jeni Wightman - Fact sheet
CCX Agricultural Methane Destruction Offsets Neil Sampson - Fact sheet
One Farm's Experience Jeni Wightman - Fact sheet