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Dairy Environmental Systems
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formerly Manure Management Program


Document title Author Source/ Logo Date Document type
A Review of the Odor nuisance from Livestock Buildings Part 1 D. H. O'Neil 1991 Research Study
A Review of the Odor nuisance from Livestock Buildings Part 3 D. H. O'Neil 1992 Research Study
Prevention Mitigation and Control of Odors. Dwaine Bundy 1997 Research Study
Comparing Odor Control Treatment Methods on North East Dairy Farms Peter Wright
Scott Inglis
2000 Research Study
Planning and Evaluation of Manure Storage - 2000 Planning worksheet
Lagoon treatment Of Dairy Manure Peter Wright
Stephen Perschke
Jim Derringer
Scott Weber
2000 Paper
Procedures for Evaluating Un-designed Manure Storage facilities in New York State Peter Wright
Curt Gooch
David Sullivan
Ronald Young
2000 Paper
Reducing Dairy Manure Odor and Producing Electricity Ann C. Wilkie   2000 News Article
Emergency Response Plan Worksheet - - 2000 Planning worksheet
Digester Gobbles up Odors Becky Mills 2002 News Article
Preparing an Odor Management Plan David Schmidt
Larry Jacobson
Kevin Janni

2005 Research Study
Odor Control for Production operations Jeannie Leggett
Robert Graves
  2005 Research Study
Energy Recovery from Animal Wastes Anaerobic Digestion Pyrolysis Hydrogenation W.J. Jewell
R.C. Loehr
- Research Study