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Dairy Environmental Systems
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formerly Manure Management Program


Document Title
Author Source/ Logo Date Document type
Manure Application Cost Study New York State Spring 2012 Betsey Howland
Jason Karszes
2014 Economic Analysis
Flow Measurement and Control System for Precision Land Application of Liquid Manure from Vacuum Loaded Slurry Tanks Ted Funk   2000 Research Study
Establishment of a Dairy Wastewater Treatment System Integrating a Lagoon Wetlands and Vegetative Filter Strips Kyle Mankin
Joe Harner
Phil Barnes
Charles Ikenberry
Lin Wang
  2000 Research Study
Lagoon Wetland Treatment of Dairy Manure Peter Wright
Stephen Perschke
Jim Derringer
Scott Weber
  2000 Research Study
Covered Lagoon Methane Recovery System for a Flush Dairy D.W. Williams
M. Moser
G. Norris
  1998 Research Study
Survey of Spreading Costs Around New York Peter Wright 1997 Economic Analysis
Synthetic Liners - - Other
Reuse of Dairy Lagoon Wastewater Through SDI in Forage Crops Edward Norum
Linda U-Kosaramig
Rodney Ruskin
  - Research Study