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Dairy Environmental Systems
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formerly Manure Management Program


Document title Author Source/ Logo Date Document type
Nutrient Issues: Keep the bigger picture in mind when deciding on use of food processing waste Quirine M. Ketterings 2006 PowerPoint

Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure: Implications for Nutrient Management Planning Brian Aldrich 2005 PowerPoint
Transferring Technology from NYSERDA Agricultural Innovation Manure Projects: Implications for Nutrient Management Brian Aldrich 2005 PowerPoint

The Economic and Technical Feasibility of Methane Generation from Agricultural Wastes W. J. Jewell
G.R. Morris

2005 Research Study
Manure Sampling for Nutrient Analysis Variability and Sampling Efficacy Z. Dou
D. T. Galligan
R. D. Allshouse
J. D. Toth
C.F. Ramberg Jr.
J.D. Ferguson
  2005 Research Study
Agriculture and High strength Wastes W.J. Jewell
S. Dell'Orto
K.J Fanfoni
S.J FastGotting
D.A Jackson
R.M. Kabrick
2005 Research Study
Biotechnologies for Pollution Control and Energy W.J. Jewell
R. J. Cummings
B.K. Richards
2005 Research Study
Emissions of NH3 NO2 and CH4 from Dairy Cows Housed in Farmyard Manure Tying Stall B. Amon
Th. Amon
J. Boxberger
Ch. Alt
- 2005 Research Study
Biochemical Methane Potential of Biowaste feedstocks. D.P. Chynoweth
C.E. Turick
J.M. Owens
D.E. Jerger
M.W. Peck
- 2005 Research Study
Whole-Farm Nutrient Management on Dairy Farms to Improve Profitability and Reduce Environmental Impacts
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2004 Report
Anaerobic Digestion for Energy and Pollution Control Philip Goodrich
David Schmidt
2002 Research Study
Ammonia in Animal Production: a Review J. Argo
P.W. Westerman
A.J. Heber
W.P. Robarge
J.J. Classen
  2001 Other
Evaluating the effects of Winter Manure Applications Kria Kohl
Jeffrey Lorimar
James Baker
  2000 Research Study
Principles of Environmental Stewardship Rick Koelsch   2000 Lesson plan
Furrow Erosion from Manure and Whey Amended Topsoil and Subsoil D. L. Bjorneberg
D. T. Westerman
J. K. Aase
C. W. Robbins
  1999 Research Study
Constraining Phosphorus in Surface Water: Dairy Farm Resource Use and Profitability
John Hanchar
Wayne Knoblauch
Robert Milligan
Presented at the NARES Annual Meeting 1998 Paper
Joint Biogas Plant Agricultural Advantages Jen Bo Holm-Nielsen
Niels Halberg
Sally Huntingford
Teodorita Al Seadi
  1997 Report
Cost effective and Environmental Beneficial Dairy Manure Management Practices - - Report
Good Practice in Quality Management of AD Residues from Biogas Production Teodorita Al Seadi   - Report
Pre Sidedress Nitrogen Test (PSNT) Refresher Karl Czymmek
Greg Albrecht
Quirine Ketterings
- Fact Sheet
Nutrient Management and Waste Utilization - Poster